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Àomén (Macau)


A meander in Macau:

The high street and city square are cheerfully colourful and quaint.
IMG_9719.jpg IMG_9783.jpg

IMG_9751.jpg IMG_9753.jpg


Old apartment buildings hide in narrow alleys branching off the high street.
IMG_9769.jpg IMG_9746.jpg

IMG_9715.jpg IMG_9750.jpg

IMG_9927.jpg IMG_9744.jpg


With its narrow, winding streets and hilly terrain, scooters are the natural choice of transport.

Macau delicacies are plentiful and often made from scratch right there at the stall- a process worthwhile waiting around to watch.
Almond flour cakes and ginger sweets...
IMG_9727.jpg IMG_9778.jpg

...peanut bars and dried meats.
IMG_9777.jpg IMG_9732.jpg

The Portuguese and Chinese cultures are thoroughly intertwined to give the most intriguing effect.
IMG_9819.jpg IMG_9768.jpg


IMG_9745.jpg IMG_9780.jpg

IMG_9860.jpg IMG_9838.jpg


Graffiti plays its part in making the city one of the most colourful I have ever seen in Asia.
IMG_9790.jpg IMG_9791.jpg

IMG_9792.jpg IMG_9794.jpg

The atmosphere is relaxed and unassuming, and there are many happily situated benches on which to sit back and soak it all in.
IMG_9724.jpg IMG_9820.jpg


The main tourist attractions are as much juxtapositions in themselves as the city they are in.

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